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Wood pellet mill SHDCN560
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Introduction of SHDCN Wood-pellet-mill:
The wood pellet machine is a production-type machine that crushes eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo chips into sawdust and chaff to process into biomass fuel. new generation
The material granulator effectively solves the shortcomings of difficult granulation and poor effect of biological crude fiber.
The main drive adopts high-efficiency belt drive, the ring die adopts quick-release hoop type, and the feeding adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure uniform feeding. The door cover is equipped with a forced feeder, which adopts international advanced technology.
Manufacturing process Manufacturing process can tailor high-quality molds for various raw materials for your various pellet machines
It can prolong the life of your equipment, improve the quality of products, and reduce the consumption cost per ton.
1. Mold vertical orientation. Vertical feeding, no arch, easy to dissipate heat
2. The mold is installed vertically, the machine is easy to fix, and the machine runs smoothly;
3. The rotation of the pressure wheel makes the material generate centrifugal force and distribute evenly around it.
4. The mold has two layers, which can be used for both upper and lower parts, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency.
5. It adopts high-precision involute cylindrical helical gears for direct transmission, and the transmission efficiency is as high as 98%.
6. The transmission gear tooth blank is normalized after water forging, which improves the hardness of the tooth surface; the tooth surface is carburized, and the carburized layer is as deep as 2.4mm to enhance the wear resistance and prolong the zero
The service life of the components; the hard tooth surface is processed by the silent fine grinding and trimming process, which makes the operation quieter and more stable.
7. The main shaft and the conjoined hollow shaft are made of alloy structural steel imported from Germany after water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, fine turning and fine grinding. The structure is reasonable and the hardness is evenly improved.
The fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the components are improved, providing a more reliable guarantee for safe operation.
8. The bearings and oil seals used in the transmission part are made of high-precision bearings imported from Japan and wear-resistant and heat-resistant fluororubber oil seals imported from the United States, and a lubricating oil return system is specially added.
Road circulation cooling, automatic timing oil lubrication. To ensure that the bearings are fully lubricated, the operation is safer and more reliable.
9. The bearings used in the particle forming system are all high-quality silent bearings, and the thin oil circulation cooling and lubrication system is added, so that the bearing service life is longer and the operation is safer.