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How to choose chicken feed particles?

Chicken feed particles are a machine for processing chicken feed particles. This device is needed whenever you want to handle feed particles. In many simple chicken feed particles production lines, Wood Pellets Mill's raw materials are originally powdered. In order to save costs, customers only need to configure a granulator, cooling and other sections using natural cooling, no need to configure the packaging machine. Of course, in general, most customers still buy relatively complete chicken feed equipment, because the chicken feed line saves a lot of labor costs, otherwise the labor cost will be higher and the efficiency is low. Generally speaking, the most important thing for mellasty is the chicken feed granules. Today, I will tell you how to buy chicken feed granules.

Before chicken feed particles, you must know your purpose very well. If you are using Wood Pellet Making Machine, then you need to have a good understanding of your raw materials. Unlike other machinery, the granulator is not a panacea, which means that the granulator cannot handle all the materials. Different granulator processing different materials, such as feed granulator and sawdust granulator, have different granulators of plastic and graphite. Even if the chicken and poultry feed factories are all processing particles, because of different raw materials, they contain different elements, their mold and compression ratio are different. Even if the raw materials are the same, the molds of the granulator are very different due to the different water content and the final granular diameter. In addition, even if the raw materials, moisture, and particle diameter are the same, the molds of the granulator will change according to the shape and density of the particles. Moreover, the use of particles will also affect your choice.

2. Then, clear your demand for particle output. The capacity is mainly related to the size of the machine. Larger capacity requires greater size and higher power. In addition to the size of the machine, you also need to consider your power status and place of use. If the machine is used in a dynamic fixed area, it is recommended to use electric granules. No matter which granular machine is used, you should consider whether the dynamic configuration can meet the requirements of the machine. For example, if you use an electric machine, can the machine use three -phase electric? Can the wires bear the maximum power of the machine? Is electrical conditions safe?

3. As an end user, the most important thing before buying chicken granules is to analyze economic benefits. Whether it is making chicken feed particles, biomass particles or other particles, economic benefits are required, otherwise if you choose an error, you will lose future benefits. Calculating the income of the particle mainly depends on the price, production cost, packaging and transportation cost of the particles. If the sales amount is higher than the investment, the appropriate granular Wood Pellet Machine machine is selected. If not, it proves that you have selected wrong. Investment is related to the cost of electricity, labor, raw materials and mold.

The above is some of the most useful suggestions for everyone to buy chicken feed machines. If you have any questions, please contact Qiangfu Machinery at any time, mailbox: mobile phone: +86 185 3005 5856

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