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When choosing pellet mill equipment, you must choose the one that suits you.

  With the aggravation of the global energy crisis and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, industries related to environmental protection and energy conservation have received attention from various countries, and a consensus has been reached on the development of green energy around the world. Unconsciously, new energy has gradually penetrated into our lives, and energy conservation and environmental protection are the direction that the world is now working towards. With the implementation of the dual carbon plan, new energy will become the main energy in the future.
  A rising star in the new energy industry - biomass energy. With the characteristics of renewable, low pollution and low cost, it has been gradually recognized and accepted by the market after years of promotion and publicity. It has emerged in the changing market environment, providing business opportunities for investors. When it comes to biomass energy, everyone will think of biomass fuel pellets, because it is the direct combustion of biomass energy and the processing and utilization of biomass. The country has always supported the biomass fuel pellet project from the policy level.
  Everyone knows that a biomass pellet machine must be used in order to make biological pellets, but how to choose a pellet machine? Which pellet machine is best for you? These questions have been plaguing investors. Today I am here to tell you how to choose the most sensible granulation equipment.
  First of all, we have to remember a sentence: "the best for you is the best". When choosing a machine at the very beginning, you need to determine your own raw materials. Some people use wood, some use straw, some use rice husks, and some use caragana sticks. The type of raw materials and the moisture of the raw materials have a great influence on the compression ratio of the granulator mold, and whether the compression ratio is suitable for your raw materials determines your granule forming efficiency, the appearance of the granules, and even affects the granulation to a certain extent. length.
  Again, you have a production plan. Determine the production plan according to your own sales needs, and then tell our sales staff truthfully, and Yulong's sales staff will help you select machines with suitable output. Don't let the sales staff quote the price of all types of machines for you, this is not targeted, and doing so can only get twice the result with half the effort. The pellet mill of Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd. is divided into three types for feed pellets, fertilizer pellets and biomass fuel pellets. The horizontal ring die pellet machine is suitable for making feed pellets, the flat die pellet machine is suitable for making fertilizer pellets, and the vertical ring die centrifugal high-efficiency pellet machine is suitable for making biomass fuel pellets. When you consult the sales staff in the early stage, you should tell what the purpose of your pellets is, and the sales staff of Yulong Company will recommend suitable models for you according to your needs.
  Finally, I would like to remind you that there is no need to blindly imitate the successful cases of others. If you want to inspect the machine, the best way is to go directly to Shandong Shanghangda Machinery Manufacturing Company for on-site inspection. We have a large-scale production and processing workshop, a variety of product exhibition halls, a modern three-dimensional warehouse, professional sales personnel and technical guidance personnel. All the related questions you want to know can be answered here. It is wisest to have a salesperson assist you in choosing the equipment that is right for you based on your actual situation.