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Small knowledge of biomass pellet heating furnace maintenance.

   Winter is over, the earth is getting warmer, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. The equipment for heating in winter begins to dormant. The quality of maintenance in summer determines the service life of these equipment!
   As a new type of heating equipment, biomass pellet heating furnace is really a blind spot for everyone to take care of her. The following is a detailed description for everyone.
1. The problem of smoke pipes
    There are two smoke pipes in the bio-particle heating stove: the exhaust pipe and the intake pipe.
    If the heating furnace is not used for a long time, the outdoor pipe opening of the exhaust pipe should be sealed well. It is best to remove the smoke pipe and install it back when it is used in winter. If the air intake pipe is installed, block or unplug the air intake pipe. If the room is too humid, it is best to seal the air intake! ! !
2.The problem of cleaning
   1. All the particles in the silo must be cleaned out to prevent the particles from being stuck when the particle expansion machine is reused after being damp!
   2. All the ash in the furnace should be cleaned up to prevent the ash from agglomerating after being damp, which will affect the effect of the heating furnace when it is used again.
   Note: For products with tube heat dissipation, lift the ash cleaning rod several times to clean up the ash in the tube! For the products of the bottom cleaning box, unscrew the bottom screw for thorough cleaning!
3. Placement problem
   1. Try to place it in a non-humid environment to prevent moisture!
   2. Do not place it in the sundries to prevent mice from biting off the line!
   3. It is best to cover the machine with the plastic bag brought by the machine!
   There are many small details that are easily overlooked by us. Pay attention to these small details, and your biomass pellet heating furnace will have a longer life than others. The editor will share the easily overlooked links in the use of biomass pellet heating furnaces:
   1. It takes 3-5 minutes for the biomass pellet heating furnace to start and shut down. Please do not cut off the power during this process. After the power is cut off, the intelligent system of the machine will no longer be accurate.
   2. Use 6-8 cm pine wood pellets as fuel. There are many types of biomass pellet fuels. Currently, according to the tests of furnace manufacturers, biomass pellets of other specifications and materials are prone to jam, coking, etc., and cannot be burned. full, affecting the service life of the furnace.
   3. Since the biomass pellet heating furnace produces smoke in 3-5 seconds when it is started, it is necessary to connect a smoke exhaust pipe, and the outlet of the exhaust pipe is prohibited from facing the north. The principle is to face the south, and the installation height and length are different. Affected.
   4. The biomass pellet heating furnace should not be placed in a humid environment. An excessively humid environment will cause the machine to malfunction and fail to operate normally.
   I believe that many people ignore these small problems in their usual use. As long as they are properly maintained, biomass pellet heating furnaces can last longer than home appliances. If there are other problems with the machine, you must contact the manufacturer as soon as possible, otherwise Your own misoperation will shorten the service life of the machine.