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Production performance and industry development trend of new era product biomass combustion pellet machine!!

  In recent years, with the rapid development of human social and economic development, the fossil power has been reduced day by day, and the environmental pollution has become increasingly severe, and the search for a renewable alternative power has been imminent. Biomass energy produced by biomass combustion pellet machine is a renewable power, with the dual characteristics of renewable and environmental friendliness, which has been paid more and more attention by everyone in recent years, and its consumption has jumped to the fourth place, second only to oil, coal and natural gas. China's biomass energy capital is very rich, and the annual output value of agricultural waste alone is about 7. 1.5 billion tons,during which the output value of crop straw was about 433 million tons,accounting for about 60%.    Most farmers in China still stay in the initial direct burning situation by using straw and firewood, so that not only crop straw cannot be burned abundantly, wasting capital, but also forming severe pollution to the environment and damaging everyone's physical and mental health. The energy density of biomass molded pellet fuel is equivalent to that of medium bituminous coal, but the CO emitted by the incineration of the molded fuel comes from the CO absorbed by the photosynthetic effect of the straw, and the absorption and emission reach a balance, and zero emissions are completed at all, and the emissions of other toxic and harmful gases are much smaller than that of coal. Biomass molding fuel itself is small in size, the contact air is sufficient, can be abundantly incinerated, and for coal, the incineration characteristics have been significantly improved, and the use of power has been significantly improved. Biomass straw solid molding fuels include pellet fuels, bulk fuels and rod fuels, among which pellet fuels have the advantages of strong fluidity and high incineration power because of their own characteristics, and then are widely used.  
  Under the effect of applying a certain external pressure, because the materials and the materials and the mold rollers conflict with each other, the material reaches a certain temperature, coupled with the bonding effect of lignin, so that the plant body becomes fine and uniform, when the external pressure is revoked, because the fiber molecules surround each other, usually can not recover the original structure and shape, after cooling the strength is added, into a molding fuel. Biomass pellet fuel usually refers to a cylindrical biomass solid molding fuel that is compacted by a molded machine by a destroyed solid biomass material, with a diameter of ≤25mm, a length-to-diameter ratio of ≤4, and a diameter scale of 6, 8, 10mm. The density of molded pellet fuel is significantly increased and the volume is significantly reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage; Together, the size is small, the contact area with the air is large, and it is conducive to incineration; Common specifications to facilitate the completion of automated transportation and incineration; It can be used as a fuel for industrial boilers, residential heating, household food and heating.  
  The higher the evaporation content of the fuel, the simpler the incineration, the better the incineration function, and the evaporation content of biomass pellet fuel is as high as 60% to 70%, which is much higher than that of coal, so its incineration function and incineration function are better than coal; The carbon content is 35% to 42%, which is much lower than that of coal. This makes its calorific value lower than that of coal; N content of 0.5% ~ 3%, S content of only 0.1% ~ 0.5% t, NOx and SO during incineration, the emissions are much lower than coal, the CO emitted, and the CO absorbed by the photosynthetic effect of the straw, reaching equilibrium, and complete zero emissions at all; Compared to the initial state of biomass capital, pellet fuel incineration lasts longer. It can be seen that biomass pellet fuel is a "high-quality, clean, efficient" fuel.  
  In recent years, with the continuous development of the new power industry, the use of straw power has been highly valued, and the state has successively issued a series of policies and regulations to encourage and support the development of relevant industries. Encouraged and supported by these policies and regulations, the domestic biomass solid molding fuel industry has been vigorously developed, and by the end of 2009, there are more than 260 manufacturers in the country, with an annual production capacity of about 766,000 tons. Domestic biomass fuel pellet machine is mainly used as fuel for rural household food, heating, residential heating, industrial boilers and power plants, etc., which can reduce the loss of primary power and add ecological benefits; Cutting greenhouse gas emissions and adding environmental benefits; Increase farmers' income and add social benefits.