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What you have to know: 3 precautions for the biomass pellet machine in the pelletizing process!

   1. The material must be tempered before granulation, the steam pressure must be stable at 4-8 bar, and the steam must be dehydrated before conditioning. If the steam contains a large amount of water, it will cause blockage of the granulation. After the material is conditioned and tempered, it has been matured to a certain extent, which can significantly improve the utilization rate of nutrients in the feed.
   2. During the granulation process, the humidity and temperature of the material should be checked frequently. The method of checking the humidity is as follows: it is better that the material can be agglomerated after being lightly squeezed by hand. The temperature varies with different granulation varieties, and should be stably controlled between 75-95 °C.
   3. The cooling of the pellets after granulation must not be too fast or not enough. If the cooling is too fast, the surface of the material particles will be cracked. If the cooling is not enough, and the temperature is too high, the material will absorb moisture and cause mold. The cooled material should be consistent with room temperature.