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Turn waste into treasure for the benefit of one party

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Shidian County, Baoshan City has been striving to practice the development concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, recycling crop wastes such as straws and tobacco rods, and processing them into biomass fuel pellets instead of coal. The fuel has received significant economic and social benefits, and has been welcomed and praised by the masses.
Facing the visit of Duan Zixue, the head of Shanyun Flue-cured Tobacco Cooperative in Shidian County, Li Yingliang, a villager in Pineapple Village, Renhe Town, Shidian County, was overjoyed. "The effect of your biomass fuel pellets is very good. The cost of hiring labor is reduced by 2 compared to the original burning of coal and wood, and the baking cost of each furnace is reduced by 168 yuan. After all, this year's big spring crops in my family. The output value per mu can increase by 200 yuan! The crop income will increase by more than 17,000 yuan.”
  In the face of Jiang Yingfeng's praise, Duan Zixue finally let go. There was a lot of rain this year, and Duan Zixue worried that the biomass pellet fuel would not burn well, affect the roasting of crops, and affect the income, so he went door-to-door to understand the usage.
  "I'm Renhe Guangshun Ersi Factory, please send 5 tons of biomass pellet fuel." Putting away the phone, Duan Zixue set foot on the road of delivery. Seeing the biomass pellet fuel sent by Duan Zixue, Duan Jianwei, the director of the Ersi Factory, said happily: "Using your biomass pellet fuel is much more cost-effective than electricity! I process one ton of Ersi every day, and the fuel cost is only 100 yuan. , which has been reduced by half compared to the past." For one year, biomass pellet fuel has saved him more than 36,000 yuan in fuel costs.
  Eight years ago, Shanyun Flue-cured Tobacco Cooperative in Shidian County actively responded to the government's call to explore the recycling of farmland waste. After three years of exploration, in 2017, a production line was officially introduced to purchase waste tobacco rods and straws and process them into biomass pellet fuels to replace coal, firewood and electricity. At present, there are two large-scale biomass pellet fuel production enterprises in Shidian County. A total of 11,700 tons of biomass pellet fuel has been put into production, processing, and production, benefiting more than 60,000 mu of farmland and more than 3,500 farmers.