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How to use the pellet machine?What should be paid attention to when using the pellet machine?

  With the development of science and technology, anything you do now will replace people, such as harvesters, drones and pellet machines, among which this pellet machine is mainly used to pass some sawdust-like materials through the mold in the pellet machine. The granules formed by extrusion with the pressing wheel can also increase the density of the material, which is also convenient for use and storage. So, how to use the pellet machine? What should I pay attention to when using the pellet machine?

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1. How to use the pellet machine?
  (1). First check whether the screws of each part of the pellet machine are tightened, then loosen the two adjusting screws at both ends of the pressure roller, and then start the motor to carefully check whether there is any bad phenomenon when the pellet machine rotates.
  (2). If there is no problem, then tighten the two pressure wheel adjustment screws, and then start the machine. The next step is to put the materials to be ground one after another, and repeat the grinding several times until the template holes are smooth and all the materials are discharged.
  (3). The pellet machine must stop feeding before shutting down, wait for the material in the silo to be processed, and then add some oily material into the template hole, so as to keep the hole lubricated and ensure that it will not appear in the next use. blockage.

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2. What should be paid attention to when using the pellet machine?
(1). When using the pellet machine, overload production must be prohibited, because overloading will have a certain impact on the direct deceleration of the pellet machine and the motor, so this must be avoided. If it occurs, repair and replace the damaged parts immediately.
(2). After using the pellet machine, take out the drum and clean the machine carefully, and then store it for the next use. If it is not frequently used, the machine should be stored and kept clean, and the outer layer of the machine should be covered with a layer of oil cloth.
(3). Regularly add some oil to the transmission. All transmission parts must be maintained with lubricating oil for a fixed period of time to ensure that the mechanical service life will be longer.
(4). Long-term use of the pellet machine must check the mechanical parts for a fixed time, including rollers, molds, gears, and bearings. If any problems with these parts are found, they should be replaced immediately, and some parts in the pellet machine should be checked regularly for looseness.

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