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Biomass pellet machine is not only efficient but also more environmentally friendly and low consumption.

The biomass pellet machine mainly refers to the mechanical equipment used for the production of biomass burning pellets. How big is the output of biomass pellets? Is it low energy consumption? Can you pass an EIA? These are the issues that users are more concerned about. Next, let’s learn more about the biomass pellet machine with us!
  The biomass pellet machine is mainly divided into several units. The first is the crushing unit, which can realize the crushing of materials with larger particles such as branches, straws, straw, waste wood blocks, and waste boards at construction sites. Calorific value; followed by drying unit, including feeder, heat source equipment, tumble dryer, unloader, dust collector, induced draft fan and other related supporting equipment, on the one hand, drying raw materials, increasing calorific value, on the other hand promoting raw materials The forming rate of granulation; finally, the granulation unit, including mechanical equipment such as granulator, cooler and baler.
  The biomass pellet machine manufacturing technology is constantly maturing, and the biomass pellet fuel machinery and equipment are running with sufficient output, low consumption and environmental protection. The above content is related to the biomass pellet machine. I hope the introduction of the above content can be helpful to everyone.