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Common sense issues with biomass pellets

    Most people don't know enough about the high-energy, environmental protection, and easy-to-use properties of biomass granules, and even many energy-consuming units don't even know that there are biomass granules, let alone understanding and application. So, this is a problem that people have now, so only if we promote this product and let more people know about this product can we better help some people who need to use this product, only we can promote this product well product, then the development of this product can be well developed, and it can be used to the fullest in a reasonable place. Now generally speaking, we use biomass pellet fuel for the combustion of boilers, that is to say, the use of such pellets is very good for boilers. of. So for such a phenomenon, many people are asking, where does such a biomass pellet fuel generally come from? In fact, these particles are all from the waste in our lives. Some of the waste left after being used in our daily life can be converted into biomass pellet fuel for use after certain procedures.