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The difference between wood pellet machine and feed pellet machine.

  Whether it is a wood pellet machine or a feed pellet machine, they are all commodities that are in great demand in the development trend of pelletizers. However, one professional is used to produce wood slag pellets, and the other is used to crush poultry concentrate, and the results are different. The same industry platform, so there are very big differences at many levels. Below I will introduce the difference between the wood pellet machine and the feed pellet machine.
1. The feeding method is different: the mold of the wood pellet machine is placed, the mouth is up, and it directly enters the pelletizing mold from the up and down. The proportion of wood chips is very light, straight up and down. To the four sides, the particles are evenly suppressed, and the mold of the feed pellet machine is placed vertically, rising and falling.
Second, the suppression method is different: the wood pellet machine mainly uses the pressure wheel change, the mold does not move, and the particles are not easy to be crushed twice, while the feed pellet machine uses the mold rotation, the pressure roller does not move, runs at high speed, and the production volume is high.
3. The operation of the machinery and equipment is different: the wood pellet machine is a vertical roller shaft, and the large and medium-sized steel castings have seat bearings. Its large rotating bearing does not bear all the working pressure, is not easy to break, and has a long life, while the feed pellet machine is in During the whole process of suppression, the pellets will have high temperature due to extrusion molding.
Fourth, the equipment organization is different: the wood pellet machine is open upwards, which is convenient for heat removal. In addition, it also has a set of air bag dust collectors, which can supply oil automatically, while the pelleting chamber of the feed pellet machine is sealed.
  In the case of purchasing wood pellet machines and feed pellet machines, we must pay attention to the difference between them. Since their main uses are completely different, there is no need to worry too much in the case of selection, only according to the actual situation. According to the requirements to carry out selection, so that we can choose suitable products for ourselves, and then improve work efficiency.