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Is it worth making your own wood pellets?

1. Under the overall market environment, biomass pellets have developed rapidly in recent years. At the same time, there will be differences in the raw material, labor, and finished product markets in different regions, and the problem of transportation is involved. The market radius of the pellets should not exceed 500 kilometers. Therefore, the final profit must be calculated according to the specific situation of local resources. As for how much to invest, it depends on your production scale. The main investment is in equipment, origin, raw material storage, and manual transportation.
2. According to the market trend from 2009 to 2017, the regular off-season is from April to September each year, but the off-season is getting more and more prosperous every year, especially in 2017 last year, there was almost no off-season, and the off-season was relatively , After October, the market is in short supply, and the demand is increasing. Therefore, this environmental protection industry still has a bright future. As long as there are boilers, someone will want to build a factory. It depends on your size. Generally, a briquetting factory with a daily output of 30 tons is estimated to invest about 500,000 in fixed assets. Pellet plants generally require 1 million.
Expansion information:
1. Biomass pellets are mainly used for green energy, replacing non-ferrous metal production raw materials such as wood. At present, with the continuous expansion of the scale and the growing voice of domestic attention to the development of biomass pellet thermal energy, the emergence of biomass fuel pellets has injected new vitality into the commercial development, and is being used with its superior environmental performance, social benefits and economic benefits. The benefits are recognized by more and more businesses. As an important new energy, biomass energy has mature technology and wide application. It plays an important role in coping with global climate change, alleviating the contradiction between energy supply and demand, and protecting the ecological environment. It has become an important force in the international energy transformation.
2. The process and method of biomass briquetting fuel production conform to the current requirements of building a conservation-oriented society and the national policy of sustainable development. It has outstanding social, economic and environmental benefits, and has good practicability and promotion value. The release of this regional group standard will fully utilize the solid waste generated by local and surrounding characteristic industries in Deqing, and will also unify product quality standards, promote the promotion and innovation of local biomass energy products, and benefit enterprises. Management really makes the enterprise have a standard to follow and develop healthily. At present, my country's biomass briquette fuel is still in the early stage of development, limited by the rural market, the degree of specialization is not high, there are few large-scale enterprises, the market system is not perfect, and the high-value commercial market has not been successfully developed. So far, biomass energy has been in the embarrassing situation of "the energy is as deep as the sea, and it is the norm to hit a wall from now on". But in fact, biomass energy is an emerging ecological energy, including any renewable or recyclable organic matter, scientific and rational development and utilization of it can have an industrial market of hundreds of billions.